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21e is built to answer the needs of highly demanding applications in the aspect of transaction & data speed, a number of peripheral connections, management data & security, operation flexibility, and future expansion. Maximum AD conversion speeds up to 480 times per second plus 9 filter strength levels to meet almost all requirements from high-resolution static weighing to high-speed dynamic applications. User-definable PC output protocol means the unsurpassed capability to meet all data format requirements from remote displays, and production management to ERP systems. Built-in non-resettable memory to store all details of up to 130,000 transactions. Daily, monthly, and specific period reports can be recalled and generated anytime according to your search criteria. Capacity: 10 KG – 120 Ton (Configurable) Div.: 0.0001 Kg – 20 Kg (Configurable) Resolution: 1600000 Count Unit: Kg, g, Lb. Support: 4,6 wire & 300, 700 Ω Load cell. Rs-232, POS printer, External Display support. Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, and Built-in 8 Ch Relay for Automation Operations. Fully Computer Controlled. Brand: FM Mfg.: Fidelity Measurement Co., Ltd Origin: Assembled in Taiwan
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Independently Configurable Function Modes
 Static & Dynamic Weighing
 Piece Counting
 Action-Tare-Memory (ATM)
 Peak Measuring
 Grading and sorting up to 10 Set Points and 8 Grades
 Checking Functions for Weighing, Piece Counting, ATM, Grading, and Sorting Function
Displays and Indications
 1 Primary plus 2 Secondary Displays provide Clear Information about Results, Settings, and the Next Target Value of the Current Operation
 Tri-Color Check Result Light Bars Present Pinpoint Accuracy about where and how far the Current Weight is and away from the Target Value
 Zero, Net, Weight Unit, Memory, Low Battery, Relay Output, and Charge Status Indicators
Built-In Control Logic
 Static and Dynamic Check
 Inflow and Outflow Control
 Constant Feeding
 Constant Dispensing with Auto Refilling,
 Dual Speed Filling
 Batching up to 8 Ingredients
 Dual Speed Discharge
 Discharge and Refill
 User Programmable Logic for each and individual Relay Output
 Maximum 4 independent configurable comports. Maximum Baud Rate = 921600
 Hardwire Connection Types (standard) include RS232, RS485, and TTL
 Wireless Communication Types (optional) include Bluetooth 2.0 /4.0 and WIFI
 Optional isolated RS232 to Ensure High-Speed Data Communication even
in a High Interference Environment
 Optional Built-in 8-Channel Control Relay Board.
Operation Features
 Primary and Secondary Displays: -
 Display #1: - 6 x 25mm LED Numeric Digits
 Display #2: - 6 x 10mm LED Numeric Digits
 Display #3: - 6 x 10mm LED Numeric Digits
 Support Single Range, Dual Range, and Dual Interval Operation 
 Support both Tension and Compression Load / Force Direction
 Near Zero Weight Value for Dynamic Weighing to avoid False Signal Output
 Repetitive and Continuous Tare Operation
 Continuous Tare with Configurable Delay Time before Tare Action
 Real-Time Clock with Backup Battery
 Watchdog System to Prevent Damages Caused by Load Cell Short-circuit. 
 Configurable Tri-Color Check Result Light Bar
 Configurable Keypad, Check & System Buzzer
Management Features
 130000 Non-Resettable Transaction Memory
 Daily, Monthly, specific Period Report Output
 Multi-Search Criteria for Report Generation
 Configurable Machine ID, Machine Group, and Operator Number to Enhance Ease of Multi
 Scales Applications and Management Records
 Customer & Product Code Input through a Serial Scanner, Keypad, or Barcode Reader
 Customer & Product Code Support Numbers, Alphabets, and Selected Symbols
 Quick Access PLUs for Weight Limits, Quantity Limits, and Preset Tare Values
 Direct PLUs for Customer & Product Codes
 Check Result Control for Accumulation, Data Printout & Data Output
 Keypad Lock Function
 Support Inquiry, Setting, and Execution Commands from PC
 All Current Operation Results Output in Data Base Format Increases Ease & Efficiency of Data Management, Processing & Analysis
 Support Ticket Printer and Label Printer (Dates LP-50 & TSC TDP-225, TDP-247, TDP-345, TTP225, TTP-247, TTP-345)
 Selectable Portrait / Landscape Ticket Printout Format
 10 x Built-in Predefined Continuous / Internal Output Protocol
 User Programmable Continuous / Internal Output 
Apps for Smart Phones & Devices
iOS App (i19) & Android App (a19) are available for free download at App Store and Google Play respectively. Both Apps support connection via 
Bluetooth and WIFI. These Apps are so powerful that they turn your smart devices into a handheld terminal, remote display, remote data input center, and controller of your FM product connected.
End User PC Software 
 Freeware Specially Created to Support End Users
 Real-Time Operation Status Monitoring 
 Operation Parameters Setting
 Real-Time Process Monitoring
 Individual and Totalized Record Storage 
 Database File Output
 Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder
 SP-POS58IV & SP-POS88IV Thermal Ticket Printer
 LP-50, TDP-225, TTP-225, TTP-247, TTP-345 Label Printer
 Serial Barcode Reader
 WM Wireless Communication Module
 RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display
 Bluetooth 4.0BLE Module
 Bluetooth 2.0 Module
 Isolated RS232
 Built-in 8-Channel Control Relay Board (Factory Installation)
 WIFI Module
 DPP-250 Bluetooth Thermal Printer
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  • Brand: Fidelity Measurement

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